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Resurgence Multimedia Galley Exhibit : Homage to the Ancestors of the African Diaspra

Building trust in the black community through stories; That of The African Diaspora is a powerful way to awaken each other with enlightenment; to ones connection to the past and to pass on authority and wisdom to the next generation.

In the book "Tom-Tom"by John W. Vandercook he writes,

"A Race is like a man until it uses its own talents, takes pride in its own history, and loves its own memories, it can never fulfill itself completely."--This quote makes me think about foundation and how generations grew up in Boston having dignity and pride for oneself and heritage... As I read this publication, I recognize we are in an important time.

It is so important that we bond and find ways to connect through experiences, talent, culture, and conversation. There is so much to learn and be aware of; and we can do this creatively.

The African-American Master Artists in Residence Program
Artist Sherwin Long at Multimedia Gallery Exhibit.

AAMARP & The next generation pay homage in space with community. "RESURGENCE" a multimedia gallery exhibit : Homage to the African Diaspora ended on June 24th 2023 .


On February 24th the artist of (AAMARP) The African-American Master Artists in Residence Program hosted a show paying homage to the ancestors; The exhibition had special guest who were selected and also apart of celebrating and paying homage to the ancestors. Here Community reunited.

Founded in 1977 by Dana Chandler, AAMARP today provides studio space for artists whose work has made an invaluable contribution to Northeastern University and to the vitality of the African-American art scene in Boston and throughout the nation. It remains a prominent center for discussion of the African Diaspora's cultural growth. Thank You Dana Chandler for bring this into existence.

Can you support the continuation of the honoring of our ancestors with those who many artist today are standing on the shoulders of.

AAMARP artists look to the future in ‘Resurgence’:



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