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It's a New Age. Putting the EYEMAGE to work.

 Coca-Cola Regular, vintage Coke bottle, Can Cola
oldvs. Photograph By. Jaypix Belmer

Happy New Years and Thank you to all who visited the studio and shared space, art and community last year.

2022 was a year to reconnect with neighbors, participate in historical archives, while still maintaining collective work and project collaborations. It embodied many moments of insight for redirection, experiences of growth and reminders of the importance of my purpose and beginnings as a photographer. Now that I am fortunate to still see, forget about the time clock. I have my senses to expand my mind and space to exist beyond my work. It's been a journey and exploration, seeking the truth and visuals of liberation. I will continue to use this language as visual communication to enable us to discover our connection to the people, places, and things around us.


Invest In The People; Bird street book sticker
Street Sticker Design By. Jaypix Belmer

We will be sure to create spaces and time for those who enjoy communication, storytelling, visual aesthetics and art created by Artist of Color and Black Photographers specifically.

Join me in celebrating our community assets as we continue to Build Unity. Develop Community.



Building Individuals Reconstructing Dorchester.


A ^^Look IN^^WARD


( @Jaypixstudios ) Open Studios, Art, Creative Economy.


Boston Art Review Feature: The Streets Belong To Us All.

2023 Stay updated on The Bird street Book Tour & Exhibition in a place near you.

As Boston's neighborhoods expand we must grow. We must invest in the people as assets of our society to creatively reconstruct the reality we want to see.


A Golden Frame, For A Golden Purpose


I was an artist participant in the Polly Thayer Starr Artist Series During the Fall/Winter 2022 programming season at The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum; (concurrent with the Metal of Honor: Gold from SimoneMartini to Contemporary Art exhibition).

Jaypix Belmer Welcome Sign at Open Studios
Open Studios Sign Isabella Stewart Gardner museum

I had full creative freedom; I envisioned an experience where people could craft around joy, and a sense of honor for those close to us. I love creating and of course I had a million big ideas; But I wanted it to be something special.

Open Studio isabella stewart gardner museum
Father & Daughter 's Golden Frame

I love the architecture and the levels of history at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum; an art museum in Boston, Massachusetts, and the fact that it was a safe space made specifically for her personal art collection is fascinating to me.

It was an honor to represent my Golden perspective, we all took our time in search of each golden piece to build a treasure. We together endured a moment of focus and remembrance . check out moments admired from project Titled : A Golden Frame for a Golden Purpose, by Jaypix Belmer

These handmade frames were created by a diverse group of individuals, Youth, Family, Dads, Students, neighbors with care and attention.

Special Thanks to all who gave time, The Gardner Museum and those who helped me make this happen.- Jaypix


What's going On? JAYPIX

A Reverence to the people. Capturing music with no sound

I am an Artist here to awaken the soul and spark curiosity.

We heard it before from the great gold souls ,

There is no denying the power of the people, sitting in the presence of them.

Stand on what you believe in.

You have great power

See it

Feel it

Live it

Life is hard but still commit to not missing the joy and power the Golden self brings.

Because We need each-other, We can enlighten each-other

and without curiosity there is no dialogue and we cannot change.

Change The Narrative.

The light and future is in You if you just look inward.

Please Join the Opening Exhibition

Friday January 13th 6pm - 9pm

About This Exhibition

Learn more What’s Going On is a juried, multi-media arts exhibit of works responding to Marvin Gaye’s 1971 song of consciousness raising and protest.

It's about that time....

I love hiphop, it's a part of who I am. I believe In making a change with my photography - inspiring positive change in people through the exploration of human connection and HIP HOP culture.

In 2010 for my graduation and portfolio show I published my first self published Book Titled: H.I.P. H.O.P. How I photograph Helps Other People. The first publication dedicated to storytelling and visual soul straight from Boston. These portraits were produced to highlight The essence of iconic imagery and people in Boston who deserve recognition.

How I photograph, Helps other people is a visual legacy that developed overtime. It’s a beginner's world to self identity that empowers artists and creative entrepreneurs. People can develop, flourish and innovate with confidence. There is an art in creating conversation here. My style of HIP HOP photography leads to leadership and admiration. Inspiring like minds who want advancement.

Support the work of Jaypix Belmer in expanding studio operations for larger productions including photography, training and workshops at Pixworx Studio. As the founder of Pixworx LLC, we boost community leadership and resident participation through visual communication, exhibition and collaboration.

Thank you for looking inward with me, May this be a Place Making, Productive and Profitable year to us all.


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