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It's a New Age. Putting the EYEMAGE to work.

 Coca-Cola Regular, vintage Coke bottle, Can Cola
oldvs. Photograph By. Jaypix Belmer

Happy New Years and Thank you to all who visited the studio and shared space, art and community last year.

2022 was a year to reconnect with neighbors, participate in historical archives, while still maintaining collective work and project collaborations. It embodied many moments of insight for redirection, experiences of growth and reminders of the importance of my purpose and beginnings as a photographer. Now that I am fortunate to still see, forget about the time clock. I have my senses to expand my mind and space to exist beyond my work. It's been a journey and exploration, seeking the truth and visuals of liberation. I will continue to use this language as visual communication to enable us to discover our connection to the people, places, and things around us.