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f2 CameraCraft Publication


We are in a special time to peek into the light and orchestrate our future.

How do we discover who we really are and what we are all about?

I love hiphop, it's apart who I am, I believe In making a change with my photography, - inspiring positive change in people through the exploration of human connection and HIP HOP culture; Captured with Class and Visual Soul .

As a photographer I am consistently inspired by identity, personality and character In our daily lives. Connecting with people through music art and purpose is my thing to do.

I respect Artist and as an Artist myself I aim to consistently deliver work that is bold and resinates with the audience forever in time. People can develop, flourish and innovate with confidence. There is an art in creating conversation here together. This style of hiphop photography leads to leadership and admiration.

For the last year I have spent less time in my studio and more time on the streets in my neighborhood doing pop ups and finding ways to exhibit my work in local store front windows for visibility.

My last post was about Gary visiting the studio. Check out Gary Friedman's blog post and discover The September's Issue of the f2 Camera Craft Magazine. f2 Camera Craft is a new photo magazine which returns to the forgotten roots of great photography and spends more time talking about light, composition, mindset, backstory, and the things that give photographs an emotional edge.

If we can say HIP HOPE, then the vision is still emerging.

Get your copy to read the 6 page article by Gary Friedman on myself.

I am super exited to receive my copy straight from the United Kingdom and dig into the good read of story photography and camera technique.

Email for a full PDF of the f2 CameraCraft September Issue



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