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Capturing the Visual Soul of the Black, Queer, and Unseen.



"We must always present black people

positively and forever striving forward." 

Identifying as a non binary black, Indigenous person of color,

I have a special way of using the lens as a tool for storytelling.

Born & raised in Boston, Ma. I am a graduate of New England Art Institute with a B.A. in Photography and have worked with clients in both private and commercial industries known for imbedding emotion through light and color for an eye popping reflection.

My photography teaches you the importance of the soul.

My professional style delves into the subtle intricacies of class, capturing the unconsidered people and places who inhabit the urban landscape while attempting to bring light to the voiceless.

I enjoy working with people. I love collaboration with visionaries, builders & creators providing a safe approach that enables the anyone to articulate their vision.

When not shooting I continue to call agency on important social & economic issues. I  work on local and national commercial projects based around developing brand identity through creative enterprises.


2023 " Resurgence" Multimedia Exhibition , A.A.M.A.R.P

2022 WilD Negro Is Love,This is Therapy For Us, Cultural Equity Incubator

2021 Whistling In The Dark, The Kingston Gallery; SOWA

2021 The B.I.R.D Street Project, The Uphams Corner Library

2020 Projecting Our Stories, Projecting Our Futures, DS4SI

2019 Staged Exhibition, New Visions of Boston Music Photography
2018 Boston Air  
2014 ID. L.O.T T Exhibition Tour Kickoff + Portrait Reveal, Nixon Peabody 100 Summer St, 25th floor, Boston, MA 02110
Photographic Resource Center Exhibition
2012 The AIME Award  (The Constructed) : NEAI

2012 Alum of Artist and Professional Toolbox program of the Greater Boston Arts & Business Council.

B.I.R.D ST. :

Building Individuals Reconstructing Dorchester

The Book

bird strre book ad.jpg

Together local artists, merchants and residents will join together and build a community that reflects the people and it’s Authenticity.


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