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How do I present & continue the oral history of my people?

How do I want to use my gift in photography to inspire other people?

I must bring these pictures to life to continue to show people what it feels like.

Hip Hop Bloom embodies a collection of energies and languages that drive and motivate our visual stories. As a Home Grown Bostonian Jaypix plants visions and seeds by encouraging the undiscovered and unconsidered to become more confident and visible in their own personal pursuit. Hiphop Bloom exhibits photography & technique as a form of enlightenment and beauty that mirrors authentic people and places who make up the stories of The Boston neighborhoods. We must strive to see the evolution in ourselves as a Bloom.

Celebrating 50 years of HIP HOP, Presented is a tribute and HIP HOP Alter. Witness a photographic tribute cultivated for a HIPHOP Legacy. Photography landscapes, Boston talents, & identities that contribute to the past and present creators in Boston. This is the visual soul of our communities, A body of colors rising up slowly reaching high, extending as it is nurtured and respected for its will and substance.

Using my own Adidas Sneaker, I serve to pay homage to those who came before us, producing memorable visuals and portraits of people in Boston who deserve it. Witness iconic images from Artist, Djs, Musicians, Dancers, Designers, Poets, Chefs, Comedians, Host, and more! | Curator & Photographer Jaypix Belmer

HIPHOP ALTER by; JAYPIX BELMER The Centerpiece Flower Shop, Address: 44 Belgrade Ave, Boston MA ,02131

I continue to approach my work as if it’s new again. Discovered is a cosmic of Ego identities that will provoke change in the way people see & perform in everyday life. My specific approach to photography has a visual soul, that is apparent and individual to it's character and body.

This exhibition and show is Running through November and is beyond amazing. A Hiphop Arrangement is on display.

This show for me was about considering my value as an artist and dealing with the decisions and social relations that exist in the art world bringing awareness to our transforming communities.

Right Jaypix Belmer , Left Owner Angel, The Centerpiece Flower Shop, Address: 44 Belgrade Ave, Boston MA ,02131

H.I.P.H.O.P Book and Guided Publication is on Public Viewing / Available NOW Purchase Here Stop @ The Centerpiece Flower Shop, Address: 44 Belgrade Ave, Boston MA ,02131



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