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Carrying a Message.

Whistling in the Dark July 28 - August 29, 2021

Photographer: Jaypix Belmer work on display at Kingston Gallery.

Its 2021 and my attitude is still ambitious about navigating the art scene, as an artist dedicated to my craft.1 down on the bucket list, This exhibition and show was beyond amazing, being amongst 9 diverse & talented artists; while sharing a space in common purpose was very refreshing. How enlightening ?, this show for me was about considering my value as an artist and dealing with the decisions and social relations that exists in the art world. How do I preserve my passion and fire for creating art while practicing business daily to bring value to the world.

Since 2012 I’ve committed to the idea of my art on the walls of galleries and museums, I craved the exposure, the company of other artist, the nice white walls; my mentor Derrick Duplessy believed in me to achieve this. Check out my first exhibit ever and the amazing artist together striving to create a successful art business.

To proceed and have work exhibited in SOWA ; a gallery place I always wanted to grace ; Has been a personal goal of mine; to be apart and around other emerging & prestigious artist on Huntington Ave, where art work is priced very high and galleries are hard to get in, and while solo shows for a Black artist like myself seemed impossible; I believed impossible is nothing.

Nothing comes, you have to want to work through the actions and find purpose within your journey. Back In 2012 A&BC programs were hosted in SOWA and I joined the Artist's Professional Toolbox, with fellow artist that became a cohort of inspiration to me. We shared information, I was the youngest fellow amongst established & emerging artist. We gained resources and knowledge to protect ourselves as artist in business. Still making decisions daily, the goal has always been to grow and share with others.

Jim Grace, the Executive Director of the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston & D’lynne Plummer, Who runs a marketing and creative services agency that provides strategic marketing and communications solutions for businesses and nonprofits were both very helpful at A&BC and supported my passion early on ; supplying me with tools and access to join workshops as a college graduate about how to start a creative business.

Based on observations & experiences below are some thoughts i'd like to share about my journey. We Share, We Grow.

  1. The Gallery Talk and the speaking presentation world is Important; but not the complete business model for creators in the art world. It’s ok to just be an artist and create, over time passion and purpose will develop and if you want to move forward you must build relationships, read about art & be aware of your untapped skills that will help progression and gain attraction. This will take your art and business to a new level.

  2. How can you diversify your representation and get creative about your business?Collaborate, do something different and research who your audience really is and personally connect with them.

  3. If you plan to enter into fine art, Understand Galleries & Museums needs & documentation request – We as artist and owners of our work, have to protect our work. Protect yourself. Keeping good records of your work and sales will help.

  4. Be Smart and Responsible – Do you know where your work is? Keep track of your work and sign everything gifted.

  5. Know about consignment , Laws – Terms - Copyright - Trademark

We have a right to seek knowledge, redesign our circles, and use our tools properly. Stay active and build your legacy. Stay in touch as I share more about what I have discovered through my exploration and growth in photography. Thank You for taking the time to read. #togetherisbetter #authenticitywins

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