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Community Leaders and Global Artist Keeping Alive A Historical Narrative.


On February 28th 2024 AAMARP; The African American Artist and Residency Program had an opening celebration in honor of the Opening of The Dana Chandler Gallery. Dana Chandler was not present , But Artist and Brother Jeff Chandler represented all works including new works never before seen. This was a noteworthy time at A.A.M.A.R.P Because It was founded on principle that emphasized community access to living working artists.

Back in 1977 Artist Dana Chandler then founded a new museum dedicated to Black Art in a predominantly Black neighborhood of Boston. This was called The African American Master Artists-in-Residence Program, or A.A.M.A.R.P. AAMARP has always had a mission in hopes of a promising future for the next generation of black and indigenous artist.

The partnership between the AAMARP, Northeastern University and the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs was set to enable creatives access to vital resources, opportunities and work space needed to thrive here in Boston and beyond.

The studios once located on Huntington Avenue are currently located at 76 Atherton street in Jamaica Plain. ( A block away from Stony Brook on the Orange line T stop)

We should know AAMARP Artists community & businesses impact the economic value of the city, specifically the education into the arts and narrative of studio spaces in boston that will get lost to development or under representation.



The studio complex and 2 Floor gallery is a shared dynamic space. It's an Open Gallery & We have to take action regarding the future of A.A.M.A.R.P. Many of the artists in the program have participated in exhibitions around the world and have been published in various books and periodicals. The program is devoted to "African-American Aesthetics" ( i.e. The world as seen through the eyes of African-Americans).

Each year traditionally, AAMARP participates in both Roxbury Open Studios and Jamaica Plain Open Studios. The gallery spaces are also open to tours from schools and various civic groups daily by appointment.

Ways to Support A.A.M.A.R.P, Community Leaders and Global Artists & Galleries

  • Visit The Galley 10 am - 6 pm Tue-Sunday : 76 Atherton Street Jamaica Plain Ma, 02130 | For a personal tour email

  • View Virtual Gallery & Collect ARTWORK :

  • Attend shows/exhibitions: ARTIST: Susan Thompson Jeffrey Chandler Gloretta Baynes Hakim Raquib L'Merchie Frazier Don West Khalid Kodi Reginald Jackson Shea Justice Marlon Forrester Kofi Kayiga Bryan McFarlane

Support Community Leaders and Global Artist behind the mission of keeping active a strong centered cultural artist space and community here in Boston.


( RECLAMATION ) Featured Artist: Jaypix Belmer

Model Muse : Marcelo ( Celo )

Photographic Image from series

Title : NorthEast Homeboy 2008

Description: A boy against a brick wall, Graffiti, blues, green side profile portrait. Custom Frame. ( Featured piece described above; Above image, Not Exhibited , see image 4/9 only on wall in person at gallery. )

This is Marcelo, back in 2008 , we were out getting on the exploration of our neighborhoods every other day. It was an important time for us because it was about the belief in somebody, understanding that we could be a gift to each other; our talents and ability to connect, relate and value one another for the time spent, place and presence, while going for greatness in oneself. I was attending the New England Art Institute during this time and Celo would eventually find his way to being there meeting people and creating music as well.

This is a Moment of Flavor. Exploring Hip Hop photography as a scientific technique and revolutionary approach to thinking about and creating iconic imagery that represent our time in Era.

Thank you for reading this! My goal is to continue to uplift the people's narrative and participate in experiences that provide advancement & growth.

Looking forward to seeing you

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