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"YOU" Are The Creative Element.Tell Your Business Story.

You have to know a Leader to be a Leader. - Jaypix Belmer

Jaypix uncovers the importance of tapping into your story and visual image.
Sean Hines - Roxbury Hip-Hop Artist

People want to know why you exist, what's your purpose-people want to know who you are so that they can find a reason to connect with you. The true unique element of your brand is YOU, so your story and visual representation is a key piece to making your brand come alive with authenticity.

I take pride in showcasing the story, work ethic and talent of community leaders and purpose-driven businesses. The reason being; I feel so inspired and filled with energy when someone I meet is passionate about what they do and why they do it. They deserve to be noticed, acknowledged and celebrated for their transformation and entrepreneurial journey. Im even more excited when it's someone I know and an image represents them in way I've never witnessed.

I.D L.O.T.T Photo Series started in 2014, The Boston Foundation, and Uphams Corner Main Streets collaborated to highlight a diverse group of individuals, some already in positions of influence and some as yet "undiscovered," who represented Boston's current and future leaders. This works style and purpose is a combination of visual soul, and artistically bold portraits that shine light on the individual driving more notoriety to a person with a purpose.

Most small business owners have great stories—but commonly forget how courageous they are, they start their company out of a passion, wanting to help people, or personal need. The Leaders of Today and Tomorrow visual resource encourages individuals to connect with elected officials, youth, local residents, and business owners. If your starting your business start to identify who you really admire; research what their skills are and even reach out in hopes of apprenticing or interviewing them about how they got started on finding their purpose-in their field.

Left Portraits: Clarinda King: Hand-made accessories and Bath & Body

Right Portrait: Fred Woodard: Guitarist, Composer, Educator

I was fortune to have great conversations with theses individuals sharing my personal admiration and how connection and navigation is something we all need. We all need a spark to ignite our imaginations. The I.D L.O.T.T. portraits series is a forever photo series to stay updated; directing awareness to an individuals position & vision.

If your a creative looking to share your story and build an authentic brand or business; ask yourself,

what is my business story?

  • Do I have a purpose?

  • How did my business start?

  • Why is my business important?

  • What does my success look like to me?

You may realize you don' know where to start and you want to really think about the meaning or reason behind why you chose to turn your passion into a business. I ask that you to go and meet a Leader and continue gain insight. Connect with people who you admire and find interesting and build relationships.

It is important that we are able to identify one another and share knowledge.We can experience and learn about a field of study from one another to navigate our pursuit.

Check in with the people of the Identifying Leaders of Today and Tomorrow Photographic Series. . . This serves as a visual representation and growing visual communication platform celebrating entrepreneurship in Boston neighborhoods.


Highlights the value and essence of the people and places in working fields to share guidance; celebrate, and generate more Leaders .


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