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Share Your Ideas and Talk to Strangers.

"I look for spaces to step into, self insertion is the way to lead." says Jaypix Belmer.

Sharing your ideas and talking to strangers is what I propose to my students in a form of public service. Beyond the photograph we practice the value of articulating your vision and telling your own personal story.

Jaypix and Residents of Uphams Corner Photography by. Gary Friedman
Jaypix and Residents of Uphams Corner Photography by. Gary Friedman

In 2014 I highlighted John F. Barros as a Leader of Today and Tomorrow; for a series titled ID LOTT. Honorably I have been always naturally drawn to his passion and commitment to Uphams Corner and community building as a youth. John was the executive director of Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI), a nonprofit, community-based planning and organizing entity rooted in Roxbury/North Dorchester. He was the first young person elected to the DSNI Board of Directors and was later hired to lead the organization in 2000. John also previously served as the City of Boston’s first chief of economic development in 2014. He was responsible for spurring economic development in all neighborhoods across the city and providing oversight of the Boston Redevelopment Authority. John Barros stands behind these innovative ideas to celebrate our community assets and support local businesses. I admire his drive and commitment to what he does best. We are community Activists and Culture Changers.

Meet Gary Friedman Creator of The Friedman Archives !!!

Gary Friedman is a wizard and photo enthusiasts all about experimentation finding solutions in any photographic setting. He is also editor and writer for "Cameracraft Magazine" , author of countless camera guides and articles on photo techniques who noticed my Radical Welcoming ;Project Titled: A.W.E "Authenticity Win Everywhere" Window

exhibit of polaroids during his family visit to a performance at the Strand Theatre.

Radical Welcoming Project By Jaypix Belmer
Authenticity Wins Everywhere Polaroid Project

Gary then reached out to see what Uphams corner was up to and why I promote Following Neighborhoods, a community mission to shine light on the insides of various neighborhoods and the people that create its culture. I had a chance to take Gary on a street tour around Uphams Corner and to my studio.

This is my second summer training a summer program of 14-17 year olds with the Transformative Culture Project . On Tuesdays and Thursdays we together hit the streets of Uphams Corner to document, preserve and explore .The students are in the neighborhood documenting their own personal explorations. Through storytelling and image making we together articulate a perspective of those growing up in the neighborhoods.

Most of the students are natural artists and musicians and make it entertaining to engage with neighbors, creatives & passionate professionals to foster friendly communication in the community.

Stay Tuned for the grand publication in "Cameracraft Magazine's" September Issue. I learned so much photographing my communities urban landscape over the years and hope that readers appreciate and want to invest in underrepresented youth and artists in the neighborhoods. Things are changing and the landscape is getting tighter. There is a power in photography and we want to put theses photos to work. Our care and authenticity will have an effect on reimagining creative safe spaces for community people.

Student Photographer Dash in Uphams Corner
Student Photographer Dash in Uphams Corner Photographer Jaypix Belmer

Sovereign Bank In Uphams Corner
Sovereign Bank In Uphams Corner Photographer : Jaypix Belmer

Thank You Gary Friedman for supporting Photography and Culture at CameraCraft.

Check out an inspiring photo library at The Friedman Archives.

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At The Heart of Vision - Jaypix


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